We are the developer developing the Joomla, Prestashop, Wordpress and Magento Extensions in the name ILMTECH. We sell our products in this ILM TECH website use secure payment gateway to sell our digital product we also sell our products in third party seller also with the name ILM TECH and the logo should be like this

We also work as Freelancer on request

We developing every extension under the each framework extension policy and all file are developed under GPL License.

What we Focus?
We Focusing on clients and we read thier minds, search their needs and fulfil their requirments. And we Focusing on users and thier feasibilities.

About Our Team
We are the small team but we give expert functionality because we always in update so clients are very happy with our service.

About Our Standard
We follow the each rules from each framework and internationl code standard so our work is professional and secure.

What's Our Focus?
Our focus is to make loveable relationship between Developers and Us. And also Developers and thier Clients.