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Product Description

Product size is critical to increasing the sales of any online store. ILMTECH has released the size chart extension for Prestashop shop owners to address this issue. The Size Chart extension provides excellent size guides for customers when selecting product sizes. Another great feature is that the Size Chart extension offers three methods of size input, allowing customers to shop on your website without worrying about their size.

Font Office Features

  • 5 module positions

  • Responsive

  • Display in Popup/Page/Tab

  • View different measurement size

  • Table with Image & Custom Text

  • Popup button with Image

Back Office Features

  • Unlimited Size Chart Rules

  • Handle Size Charts in one place

  • Create Product, Category, Brands & Supplier Based Rules

  • 3 Ways of Sizechart - Custom Table, Predefined Attribute, or Custom Design

  • Set Popup icon, Text & Width

  • Table with Image & Custom Text

  • Dynamically add/remove both rows/columns

  • Unlimited Measurements with calculation rules

  • Calculate measurement values automatically

  • Dynamically add/remove measurements

  • Preview measurement values

  • Show in Popup/Page 

  • Show in Product tabs (Hooks Available)

  • Row/Column display of predefined attribute values

  • Place the Size Chart table to the right, left, bottom or top of the Image or Custom text.

  • Set the responsible layout width

  • Custom CSS code blocks include

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Support for multiple stores

  • Display based on priority

  • Any Size Chart can be duplicated.

  • Enable/Disable the size chart.

How does Sizechart help your Customer?

You can allow your customers to choose their items without having to worry about sizing issues. The product size chart is designed to include all of the information required to determine what size would be the best fit. While you can always create a chart by hand, the Product Size Chart for ILM Size Chart simplifies the process.

How does Sizechart help Merchants?

Reduce The Return Rate - One of the most frequent causes of product returns is incorrect fit or irrelevant sizes. Despite the fact that people are quickly adjusting to the online retail industry, product returns have become common.

The cost of shipping the goods, delivery, pickup, and returns are all billed to the store owner, so the customer may not pay much as long as they receive their refunds. These costs are manageable when there are only one or two products involved. Keeping up with the aforementioned would be challenging, though, given the increasing rate of returns.

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Product Code: ISCP
  • Compatibility: - 8.0.0
  • Last Update: 27 November 2022
  • Created: 07 November 2014
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