ILM Size Chart

Product Description

Merchant can show the different types of size charts in each category and in products. There is no restriction while creating a size chart table. Merchant can assign a single chart in n number of categories in a single configuration. Products under the default category will show the Size Chart on the product landing page. Merchant can assign the created size chart on any product and a product can have a unique size chart it means any time merchant can assign a pre-configured chart to any products.

  1. Unlimited Size Groups
  2. Unlimited Size Labels
  3. Unlimited Size Charts
  4. Size chart with or without Image
  5. Image upload functionality
  6. Row Only Size Chart
  7. Column Only Size Chart
  8. Both Row and Column Size Chart
  9. No Row and Column Size Chart
  10. Multiple Category selection
  11. No.of Row and Column Configuration
  12. Place Label anywhere
  13. Anytime Chart Alteration
  14. Backoffice Product Preview
  15. Backoffice Product Ajax Selection & Preview
  16. Backoffice Product Individual Size Chart Selection
  17. Custom Title
  18. Input Html support
  19. Fully Responsible

Benefits for customers

According to the Merchant, configuration customers can easily understand a product's available sizes or type of sizes. A clear size chart will increase more attraction and increase sales. Most people don’t know how to choose the perfect size according to their body size.

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Product Code: ISCP
  • Compatibility: - 1.7.6
  • Last Update: 26 April 2020
  • Created: 07 November 2014
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Tags: Prestashop