K2: Item Parameter

Joomla K2 Item Parameter
Now we can see how to pass values without using jQueryJoomla currently introduce a new functionality Ajax Interface from Joomla 3.2.x you can see a component which was come with default package such as com_ajax it contain ajax by default so you need not include your ajax files.You can find how to include this function with your component, module and plugin by see this tutorialLink:
How to apply a plugin only to front-end / back-end for a siteAnswerTo apply plugin code only to front-endfunction onBeforeRender() { //apply only to frontend only $app = JFactory::getApplication(); if($app->isSite()) { Your code ----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- } }To apply plugin code only to back-end
I developed a plugin extension for joomla article in that I controlled and modified some content but this control also refelect to k2 item page / other content.How to apply my plugin only to joomla article / k2 itemAnswerTo apply plugin content only to joomla article use following code public function onContentAfterDisplay($context, &$article, &$params, $page = 0){ if($context == 'com_content.article'){ Your code here ----

Joomla: Article auto publish

Hi, Many of you suffer that how to auto publish an article when it is posted from Front-end.Many saysArticle not auto published I gave publish permission in component but still not automatically published I don't want to give publisher group to a user I can't/don't want to dynamically change user group for certain permissionSo what is the solution?Here is the solution its simple
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